As part of the Christmasfest celebrations in Tillsonburg, the Station is decorated for the holidays Saturday, November 26.


Stop by, warm up, visit our gift shop and galleries and enjoy some refreshments.



Holiday Arts Market 2020.jpg

Participating Vendors

Alex Smith

Ann Loker

Anna Woodburn

Babara Lowik

Don Spence 

Gail Hawkins

Heather Cnockaert

Irma Makariunaite

Jane Grass

Joachim Knauer

Lesley Penwill

Marg Spence

Margaret Hawkins

Margaret Trapnell

Maxine MacPhail

Megan Colley

Mercedes Victoria

Phyllis Zapadinsky

Rita Milton

Robert Boyd

Rosemary Nagel

Sandra / Clare Turncliffe

Lisa Wies