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 “A love of art and poetry developed in me at an early age, with a very strong connection to nature at its foundation. Paint Poetic is the expression of this love in its collection of my art, inspired by poems I love or inspiring poetry writing in myself or others. I am grateful to the staff of Tillsonburg Station Arts and in particular Curator Tabitha Verbuyst for the opportunity to showcase this partnership.”


Vonnie Snyder has called Oxford County home for most of her life. While attending College Avenue Secondary School in Woodstock she majored in art studies with instruction from prominent Oxford County artists Betty McArthur, Ed Baker, Moe Cosyn and Herb Kirkby. This gave her a foundation of knowledge which lay dormant for many years as her life - marriage, family and work in the mental health/dementia support fields - led the dance. Since 2015 she has rediscovered her passion for art and is happily creating again. The knowledge that she gained in high school has been supplemented by instruction from artists in Oxford County, London, through McMichael Gallery instructors and Dundas Valley Art school as well as self-directed learning.


“Nature is an abundant source of inspiration for creative expression. I am passionate about colour, light and value and expressing my love of the the world around me. I hide a heart in every painting to represent the heart I put into each creation. I hope your heart is warmed by Paint Poetic.”


Paint Poetic will be on display at Tillsonburg Station Arts from September 2nd to October 1st, 2022. Official Opening will take place September 11 from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m

Gallery Admission is Always Free!