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Purple Banyans of Life 

The forest of Mystical Banyan Trees grows strong and tall. The branches fall back down and thicken the wall and base. Each tree represents individuals and leaders of the forest -- an inclusive community, leading with strength, knowledge and creativity. 

From day one we provide our children with knowledge and nutrients to grow tall and strong, mentally and physically, in a forest/community of acceptance, tolerance and inclusion in which they can spread upward and back to their own roots and fellow human beings. It is a community of peace, love, hope and learning. 

Art unites all. Creates peace. 

The regal purple enhances the soft yarn texture, suggesting the all-encompassing, accepting civility demonstrated by the mighty and majestic Banyan Trees. 

Thousands and thousands of Loops represent the thousands and thousands of years the banyans grow, as does a human community. We must protect, nurture and preserve them. All species deserve to live a safe, strong, inclusive, peaceful, loving life. 

The purple Banyans are knitted, woven and crocheted into the fabric of life. Their tall strong steel structure is surrounded and encased in soft loving, regal,

- Barbara Scott

Drawn to illumination and movement, Tabitha Verbuyst oil works focus on a fleeting moment in everyday life and landscape, the dreamlike memory of the otherwise past and forgotten. The enigmatic image with dramatic high contrast using vibrant palettes layered over and over again creates a richness and depth. This disassociates the viewer with the location and instead turns focus to the movement, vibrancy, emotion and beauty within that moment. 

- Tabitha Verbuyst


One Trunk, Two Branches will be on display at Tillsonburg Station Arts from October 7th to November 4th, 2022. Official Opening will take place October 22nd from 1pm- 3p.m

Gallery Admission is Always Free!