PFG Current Exhibit

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"Double Visions" an exhibit by Deb Riopelle & Linda Trowell

Linda and I met  almost 12 years ago at the Ingersoll Creative art Centre.  We enjoyed painting together and became good friends.

We decided to undertake this exhibit together for many reasons.  Over the years our peers, family and friends,  would say that we have similar ideas and unique styles making it intriguing  to differentiate.

Linda and I are always interested in the same subjects, we sign up often for the same workshops, and enjoy following the same artists,  we are both members  of the same art groups.  Hence, we ended up with many duplicate paintings, distinct in their own way.
Having planned this Exhibit 18 months ago gave us lots of time to create more similar works of art.  We chose "Early spring in the Country", the theme for the most part due to the time of year.   The Sugar Shanty idea then became our feature. An interesting fact about this is that the two men in the painting are based on a photograph of Linda's father and uncle. Another sign of spring is the woodland trillium which we included as well.

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