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Now you can shop the creations in our gift shop from anywhere! We offer a range of handmade products and original art, locally-sourced from our talented vendors.

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Brad is a mixed-media artist from London, Ontario who implements both traditional and digital mediums within his work. His unique pieces typically feature bold colour, abstract patterns, and unique compositions brimming with a unique perspective of shape and form. 

Carole is an acrylic painter from Tillsonburg who enjoys capturing ethereal and natural subject matter in her works. Her pieces often incorporate bold brushwork and colour.

Yonna Dilella is the creative textile artist / sewing-enthusiast behind these one-of-a-kind purses, accessories, and bags. Her unique coil-tote making method adds a beautiful eye-catching visual aesthetic to her pieces, and each bag is built with functionality and durability in mind as well. 

A sculptor and mixed-media artist that creates incredible works of art with her interesting method of using textiles in combination with a hardening-process to form solidified fabric artwork and decor pieces. She often includes other materials such as wire, stone, and various natural elements to add details to her beautiful creations. 

Dawn is a talented photographer and artist from Oxford County, inspired by traditional black & white photography, natural elements, and unique landscapes. Her pieces range in size and subject matter, often evoking a sense of nostalgia for classic country-lifestyles.

Jane is a watercolour artist from Tillsonburg, Ontario who is often inspired by natural landscapes and Canadian wildlife. Her product line features beautiful, frameable original artwork and hand-painted greeting cards. 

The incredible woodworker's home decor pieces are each hand carved / sculpted with carefully selected materials. He also implements wood-burning in much of his work, to add realistic details and recreate stunning scenes through illustrative / mixed-media art pieces. 

John has a lifetime of experience in sculpting, carpentry, and woodworking. His home decor and furniture pieces are often sourced from sustainable, local materials. Each piece is completely handcrafted and one of a kind!

Karen is the President of the Pottery Club at the Station. She is an instructor as well, often sharing her impressive wheel-throwing skills with other members while making absolutely stunning one of a kind pieces!

Kelly is an independent pottery artist who specializes in folk-style, wheel-thrown pottery. She is often experimenting with unique combinations of glaze to create eye-catching kitchenwares.

Textile artist Maxine is a long-term crafter who creates hand-knit blankets, stuffed animals, and supplies materials for other textile artists as well in the form of handspun alpaca yarn.

A formally-trained independent artist specializing in graphite drawings with hyper-realistic or surrealist subject matter. Her work is available as prints in various sizes as well as original pieces.

Their product line features loads of fun designs that are hand-drawn digitally then turned into vinyl adhesives in order to embellish various kitchen-wares and home-accessories.

This iconic potter creates the most whimsical, fun ceramics. Whether it's a beautifully-crafted tile that tells a story with it's image, or a handmade ocarina wind-instrument- each design is meticulously forged with every detail in mind.

Rita is a multidimensional artist / maker who dabbles in many different mediums. Her crochet accessories and whimsical line of jewelry products are each one of a kind, and she also enjoys creating traditional artworks using various mixed-media. 

Robert Boyd is a potter and member of the Pottery Guild at the Station. His pieces are each hand-built and one-of-a-kind. He often includes hand-carved or painted details in his work, and is often inspired by natural elements and the folk-art world.

Robin is a multi-dimensional artist and author. We’re happy to showcase some of her beautifully crafted jewellery with bold colours and designs, as well as her mindfulness resources such as a hand-drawn book for children that speaks to practices that can help them develop a stronger peace of mind later in life.

Rosey Bourne is the owner of PomPomSews is a textile artist that creates functional, one-of-a-kind artistic accessories. She includes salvaged and upcycled materials in her work to minimize the impact fabric production can have on the environment. Each piece is completely unique and offers a bold statement to accent your look.

Shirley is a painter from Otterville, Ontario and longtime member of the Station. Her work ranges from abstract paint pours to rural landscapes reminiscent of home. She also offers packages of greeting cards featuring her original works and photography.

Wendy is a realism illustrator and painter who specializes in capturing wildlife in her work, with her stunning composition-choices and attention to detail making her pieces truly come to life. Her unique talent fuses reality and magical moments together.

Judy is a mixed-media artist who uses a variety of techniques in her work to make unique jewelry and accessories. She enjoys sewing leather goods, making wire-wrapped crystal jewelry, and working with other textile mediums such as wool-felting. 

Autumn makes one-of-a-kind jewelry with semi-precious stones, taking careful consideration of the benefits / properties of each natural element she includes within her designs. Her line of products includes beaded necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. 

Margaret Hawkins is a textile artist who specializes in fully-functional and eye-catching handsewn bags, purses, wallets, and accessories. Her line of products features various durable designs that are crafted with every-day wear in mind.

Jennifer Jackson is a watercolour painter from the area that creates beautiful original

artworks and inspired by natural elements, with an ethereal and whimsical charm to her style. Her selection of gold-framed paintings are charming and eye-catching for any home.

Corrina creates beautiful, bespoke ceramic pieces perfect for functional decoration.
Her one-of-a-kind painting accessories are an adorable alternative to traditional

plastic materials- and bring an air of sophistication to any painter's studio!

These bespoke, small-batch, hand-poured soy candles are made by Werlwicks out of Tillsonburg, Ontario. Each concrete container is crafted and embelished by hand.  The candles feature a large wooden -wick for even burning. Thoughtfully curated aromas are added to the 100% soy wax to create delectable home accents.

This ceramic artist specializes in unique porcelain creations and whimsical, charming wares. Her unique pieces include functional kitchen dishes as well as artistic collectable decor pieces with niche/pop-culture related themes and trendy, fun details.

Stella Jurgen is a multi-disciplinary artist that embraces art with a passion -- Paintings, illustrations, fashion wearable art and accessories. Showcased are 9" handbags made in Canada, 100% genuine leather, designed and hand-painted by the artist. 

Daniel Couture is a skilled jewelry designer who specializes in creating stunning pieces made from sterling silver. His collection includes a variety of jewelry pieces such as earrings, necklaces and pendants.

Marjolaine Campeau is an artist who specializes in creating stunning works of art in a variety of materials. Each piece is carefully crafted to bring out the uniqueness of the material she works with, from delicate soapstone carvings, various stone works, to intricate and highly detailed wooden animals carvings. 

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