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Stationhouse Potters


Tips and instructions are always being exchanged and the discussions over coffee breaks are exciting and inspirational. The mood is informal but very creative.


Classes and workshops are being offered throughout the year by experienced instructors in wheel, sculpture, slab, mould work and glazing. Be sure to find out when they are being held. This is the group for you if you have always been wanting to try pottery, but have never given it a whirl. Occasional field trips, smoke fire and Raku workshops are offered.


If you wish to join us come to the Pottery Studio in the basement of the red station, casually dressed and you will be heartily welcomed to this most interesting group. The annual fee for a Guild membership is $50.00 single, $80.00 family $15.00 Student and is payable to the “Tillsonburg District Craft Guild”. Stationhouse Potter’s Annual Membership is an additional $10.00 and is payable to the “Stationhouse Potters”.

Vangie Legel
Deb Beard
Horst Weidemann
Heather Cnockaert
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