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Membership 2020-2021
The Station Arts Centre is a not for profit charitable organization reliant on community support.
The membership fees you generously give help to support the many free/low cost community events, activities and educational programs we offer for everyone to enjoy. Additionally, the Station Arts Centre is always FREE admission!
Our community is creative and more vibrant because of your support.
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12" x 12" Exhibit

An exhibit featuring 22 artists exploring a square foot dimension

September 3rd - October 1st
This exhibit features over 50 works in a variety of mediums all within the same dimensions! Stop in to see how each artist explored the size, creating unique works of art with limited space!

Exhibit Artists

Samantha Nesbitt

Paul Belcher

Vonnie Snyder

Barbara Fenning Lowik

Vangie Legel

Catherine Prong

Joe Knauer

Margaret Trapnell

Susan Bennett

Linda Yeoman

Wendy Gielis

Shirley Hokke

George Conklin

Megan Colley

Benjamin E. Robinson

Wendy Reid

Robin Krafft

Russ Salamon

Sarah Cowling

Valerie Zadow

Rita Milton

Brad Boug