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Birthday Party Host


To instruct and host 120 minute birthday party at the Station Arts Centre Saturdays from either 1-3pm or 2-4pm. To teach first 60 minutes of party in clay or craft medium of choice for children ranging 4-12 years old. We will work with you to develop your skills and knowledge in each medium, and provide all information in advance to readily prepare yourself for each party. This position is casual and subject to booking dates.


Specific Responsibilities:

●     Room setup and teardown

●     Leading of clay project chosen - instructing children on the how to steps of working with clay, informing them on how clay is made. Informing both parent and children the proper care maintenance of clay. 

●     Leading of craft project chosen - instructing children on a step by step demonstration of each craft

●     Room dynamics management (keeping the pace of each project moving smoothly)

●     Leading children in a variety of group activities, such as games and songs

●     Assisting with any requests


Ideal Candidate:

●     Grade 11 or higher

●     Interest in pursuing a career in child development, teaching, and/or the art field

●     Some knowledge of clay or paint, but not necessary


How to Apply:

●     Please send resume to or

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