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Specialty Instructors


Job Summary:

To organize and demonstrate either 90-120 minute classes for 4 to 6 weeks or full day workshops in skilled medium of choice to various ages. You are to indicate whether you would like to teach youth programming from 5-12 yrs old or adult programming from 13- 65+ yrs old. We will work with you to schedule classes based on your availability during our programming seasons ( Fall, Winter, Spring). Once class dates have been agreed upon, you are responsible for supplying a short description of class, the materials needed, and any images to help the Station in promoting. This position is casual and subject to booking dates and class registration.


Specific Responsibilities:

●     Supplying a short description/outline of class, material list, and photographs of examples of work

●     Room setup and teardown

●     Organizing and leading- instructing students on the proper use of tools and medium of choice

●     Giving a step by step demonstration of each technique to achieve a final product

●     Classroom dynamics management (keeping the pace of the project moving smoothly and within timeline)


Ideal Candidate:

●     Grade 12 diploma or higher

●     Interest in pursuing a career in child development, teaching, and/or the art field

●     Knowledge of medium of choice


How to Apply:

●     Please send resume to

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