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Make and Learn Series

It's Saturday, a time that we usually spend outdoors, shopping, and gathering together. With the current situation, we know it can be a tad trying to figure out how to spend time together while still doing something that is both fun and educational.

This is the perfect opportunity for you to explore art as a family! Art is multi-dimensional and is literally for ALL ages! There is no right or wrong, and certainly no judgement. Art can be a way to deal with the many emotions that are currently residing within you at the moment.

So...RELAX...grab some drawing tools, and begin your adventure into the creative unknown and see where it takes you!

For the younger ones at home, our awesome staff member Megan Colley has been hard at work creating short, inexpensive craft videos for you to try!

Keep checking back to see more videos in the Make and Learn Series.

Did you try this one at home?

Tell us all about your own experiences with this craft and how you made them your own!

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